Subscribe Now! How to add readers

There is a lot of talk in the self-marketing world about starting an email list. I agree that having an email list can be important if your goal is to build your tribe and get the word out when you have a new product (book, program, CD, etc.) But, what if you just have a blog, and all you want is for people to read it? How can you make it easy for your fans to read each post as you publish it? You need a subscribe page.

When people subscribe to your blog they type in their email address, and then each time you publish a post they get it in their email inbox. You don’t have to create monthly newsletters, or free content to entice them to sign up. People who like reading your blog will sign up because they want to continue reading your blog, and they don’t want to check your blog daily to see if you have posted something new. Instead they get an email with your blog post which they can read at their leasure.

On some of my blogs I had a subscribe button that was connected to Feedburner. This is not a horrible idea, but it can be complicated. While working on a friend’s blog ( I found a WordPress code that places a simple subscribe message anywhere you want on your blog. You could place it in a widget on your side bar, or make it a page along your top bar.

I really like the look of making your subscribe button a page. For one, it looks really clean. Side bars can get cluttered with ads and search bars and categories. Two, it is really obvious. I always look at the top bar when I visit a new blog. I want to know what content the blogger has posted. If I see a subscribe page I know exactly where to go to subscribe. There is no confusion. And three, you can expand on the subscribe request. Perhaps you want to mention that the blog comes out twice a week, or you want people to know what content they will get in their inbox. It is hard to do that in a widget, but easy to do on a page.

You may eventually want to start an email list, and if you do I suggest you start it early and create monthly newsletters that keep your readers interested and informed. But if all you want is to make it easier for your fans to enjoy your newest posts I recommend a subscribe page. With the WordPress code it is as simple as one, two, three.

Task for today: Add a “Subscribe” page to your WordPress blog

1) Go to your WordPress blog dashboard and click on Pages.

2) Click on Add New at the top of the screen.

3)  Title the page “Subscribe” and copy the code found on this link. Add any other text that you want to and hit Publish. Your readers can now subscribe to your blog. Why not announce this on your Facebook or other social media page.


Write Often. Write Now.


There are many tricks to having a successful blog, and there are many definitions to what makes a successful blog. But there is one thing that any successful blog needs. It needs content. There is no quick trick for creating content. You have to write often and over time you’ll have plenty of posts. (You could pay other people to write content for you, but why would you? The best blogs reflect their creator because they feel personal.)

Creating content is a marathon not a sprint. You may feel that you’ll never have the amount of content you see on other blogs, but if you write just one post a week you’ll have fifty-two posts after a year. That is an impressive amount of content.

I had a Disney blog for three years. I didn’t think I had much content on it until I went looking for information on a post I had written a few years ago. There were hundreds of posts to look through. I had created a ton of content without realizing it.

Content is important, but since your blog is a reflection of you I hope you’ll aim for great content. Write each post like it is the only one a person is going to read. You want it to be so good that the reader will want to read all your other posts. Each post is a mirror of your overall blog.

I hope I haven’t freaked you out. Don’t not write a post because you think it won’t be perfect. Just write the best post you can in your own unique way. As I said, your blog is a reflection of you. If your writing is honest you’ll have a blog worth reading.

It is true that if you blog everyday you’ll get content more quickly, but don’t do that if it stresses you out. I want you to have fun. Once a week or even once every two weeks is fine. The trick is to post consistently, and to the best of your ability. You’ll look back and be amazed how much you have accomplished.

Task for today: Create an editorial calendar.

It is easier to write a post if you know what you want to write about. Make a list of the topics you want cover in your blog. Keep this list somewhere visible and add to it when you get more ideas. When you want to type a post just pick one of the ideas off of your editorial calendar and you’ll have it done in no time.



Welcome to Social Media Made Fun


I just created this WordPress website to show you that using social media can be fun, easy, and inexpensive. In each post I will demonstrate a task that you can do to make social media work for you so your voice, project, opinion, or life can shine on the world wide web.

Social media should work for you, not the other way around. You should be able to share as little or as much as you want. Social media should not be a big bad wolf waiting to devour you and your family. With my projects social media will be as tame as a bunny rabbit and just as threatening.

Have fun working on these projects and feel free to show my your finished work.

Task for Today: Pick a blog title

Having a blog is fun but the title of your blog is permanent so don’t choose too quickly. Instead sit down and jot down ideas about what you want your blog to convey to people. I wanted a blog that showed how social media can be easy and fun. It took me a half hour to find the right title. Make a list of ten to fifteen titles that you like. Many of them will already exist so it is good to have lots of choices.